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So what is the DW Blog?  Well we like to think of it as the Don't Worry Blog. With around 100 articles covering website design, search engine optimisation (SEO), digital marketingsocial media and more, we've created a wealth of free information to help answer your burning questions. You can also click on any of the links under 'Search by Topic' to see all the articles in each category.

Expanding Your Online Reach with Inbound Marketing

Posted by kidd on March 9, 2020

Your website, blog and social media pages make up the bulk of your online presence and can be used for inbound marketing purposes. Inbound marketing, as opposed to outbound marketing, is the type of marketing where you don't reach out to your customer. Instead, they reach out to you. How Do People Hear About Your Company or Product? Maybe your…   Read full post »

Most people want to "go digital," but they don't really know how. On the face of it, it seems pretty easy. All you have to do is set up a website, blog and social media pages. And then, you keep updating them as time goes on and you have fresh material. However, all websites are not created the same. You must have noticed this from your own…   Read full post »

Optimizing a website for SEO in 2019 can be complicated. Google seems to change its' algorithm on a daily basis. That being said, you don't have to make SEO difficult. Google has made it clear that they value informative content. Thus, if you make some smart tweaks to the way you present your content, you will increase your website's search engine…   Read full post »

The Importance Of Social Media To SEO

Posted by kidd on October 25, 2019

One of the best ways to bring traffic to your website is by having it rank highly on search engines. Search engines are the most common method for learning information these days, and the higher you appear in search results, the more users you are likely to get to your website. Search engines have different criteria they look at to determine where…   Read full post »

What to Choose: Custom Web Design or Template

Posted by kidd on October 4, 2019

For various reasons, a lot of customers tend to have a hard time deciding whether to purchase a template or build a customized website. They both have their merits and demerits. Getting a template will surely cut on the time the website needs to be delivered, but on the other hand, it doesn't give the client the best of experiences. Named below…   Read full post »

Choosing a website design and development company can feel a bit like the Wild West. It's not like choosing a trades person where you can check to see if they're a Licensed Building Practitioner, or a Licensed Plumber. Anyone with a computer and internet access can claim to be a website developer, and when you ask for quotes, the costs can vary…   Read full post »

As a business owner, you did everything possible to create a website on your own to keep costs low. After all was said and done, you're proud of the work you accomplished--your website is functional, product pages sit front and centre while every blog post published has a tempting call-to-action at the end. However, you noticed sales are down and…   Read full post »

5 Ways to Reboot Your Company's SEO Content Strategy

Posted by kidd on August 16, 2019

Content marketing isn't just a strategy you can pick or ignore anymore. Instead, it's rapidly becoming the mainstay for how companies stay on the mobile traffic map. If your company has a content marketing strategy on the back burner or your company used to have a robust content strategy that fell by the wayside, here are five ways to get it on…   Read full post »

It's not enough to write great content. Great content is easy to find for almost every subject matter, and that's why there's such tight competition for those first few spots in search results. Even if you feel like your content isn't excellent quite yet, don't wait to start building your distribution channels. If you wait until you think it's…   Read full post »

Every company has an obligation to protect the data it collects from consumers and visitors. GDPR, a set of regulations from the European Union that takes this responsibility a step further, is something that every business owner needs to know about. Even if you don't do business in the EU specifically, you may still have visitors from the EU. Here…   Read full post »


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