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3 Reasons Why Your Content Needs to Start Answering Very Specific Questions

April 5, 2019 by kidd

It may seem like answering a very niche question on your business blog is a waste of an article. Fewer people will find it or look for it. But the few who desperately need the answer to the question will stay on your site if you give them information no one else has. Here are three more reasons to start creating super specific blog articles.

1. Fight for that Google answer snippet.

You might not always be able to get the top rank for the short keywords in your industry, especially if you have a small business. But long key phrases and specific questions are certainly still up for grabs. If your website has a well-written answer to a specific question, Google can push that blurb to the top of the page and bring your website link with it.

2. Everyone in your industry has answered the basics.

Every one of your competitors that have adopted basic SEO and inbound marketing strategy has content answering easy topics and providing basic information. That doesn't mean that you don't need those pages; everyone has them for a reason. But that does mean it's time to start focusing on content that only applies to a very narrow audience since there's less competition for those viewers. That can improve your conversion rates far faster than fighting for general traffic.

3. Build your content for voice-enabled mobile searches.

People aren't typing questions or short search terms into Google as much anymore. Instead, they're using voice-enabled search tools on their phones. Because tools like Siri sound human, we tend to address them with fully-worded questions instead of disjointed nouns. So build high-quality articles that answer those specific questions. Also incorporate those questions directly into the article titles and a header or two to drive up visibility.

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