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3 Ways to Boost the Website Views for Your Business

Jun 21, 2019 by kidd

While word of mouth and online reviews are some of the best ways to increase your block of business, you also need to pull in organic traffic and appointments. Do that by focusing directly on your website and your social media pages. Here's how:

1. Create guides that shut down problems immediately.

Most people aren't leisurely searching for random websites. They need answers to immediate problems and they aren't in the mood for marketing. Make sure your site is the link that pops up with easy guides to provide assistance or advice. 

The more formats you can use to answer questions, the better. Type of a step-by-step textual guide. Include pictures with every step. Once you have that 'script,' create a video of how to do the exact same thing.

Then add a list of hyperlinks so visitors can get deeper and deeper into your site to solve their specific circumstances or start getting their issue fixed. If they go back to Google for any reason, they won't remember to come back to your site.

2. Give away tips without worrying that you'll lose business.

A lot of calls involve preventative maintenance or problems that could have been avoided by a bit of preventative maintenance. It might seem like you're giving away money by putting tips on your site for free. 

But you aren't.

Walking online visitors through preventative maintenance doesn't mean they're actually going to do it. It just means they'll trust you that much more when they decide to hire someone. Also, the information is almost certainly online somewhere else. Your content's job is to keep visitors on your site and convert them to customers.

3. Update your content.

If you want search engine algorithms to prioritize your site, you have to keep it active and updated. Add new content. If you're short on time, expand the content you have. If you don't have time for a content strategy, update your site's formatting so it's better for mobile devices. The algorithm will see the dates and the changes and know your company is active.

No matter what strategy you use, it's important that your content is on a website that looks great. We can help. Contact our team at Designer Websites for customized consulting and a web design that fits your business.