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The 4 Types of Content Business Websites Should Make Room for

February 2, 2018 by kidd

Although it would be boring if all business websites looked the same, they should still feature certain kinds of content in order to generate and convert leads. In particular, you need to include the following on your site: 

Homepage content

Your homepage content is the most important. If it's good, it'll invite users to dig deeper into your site. Otherwise, it'll be the only glimpse they get of it. 

This is where you need engaging content -- a video, picture, or shocking statistic. It has to hold onto all of the users you get from Google's SERPs. 

Product and company information

Product information is a type of evergreen content, which gets updated rarely. Company information is similar in that respect, but calls for a different writing style. These are the pages where you want to tell a story and advance leads in the buying process. 


Finding a place for testimonials is critical for a business website. You can either post reviews yourself, or according to this The Next Web article, embed social media posts: 

"Nowadays, in the age of opinion, everyone is encouraged to put it on the Internet. Even though most people use Social Media for rants and public shaming of some brands, you might find a gold mine of positive posts about your product. Don’t forget to ask for permission before embedding the posts on your website!"

This informs both your SEO and user experience. Testimonials are arguably the most important category here. 

Your blog 

And finally, you need a dedicated page to keep your site active. Your homepage, product and company pages don't do that because they're evergreen. 

By posting a new blog once a week, however, you can get a good site ranking on Google and have something to share on social media. You should always post blogs on your site first and then share elsewhere. 

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