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So what is the DW Blog?  Well we like to think of it as the Don't Worry Blog. With around 100 articles covering website design, search engine optimisation (SEO), digital marketingsocial media and more, we've created a wealth of free information to help answer your burning questions. You can also click on any of the links under 'Search by Topic' to see all the articles in each category.

Don't Design Your Own Club Website

Posted by kidd on May 10, 2019

Clubs and small nonprofits operate on limited budgets. It's tempting to have a member or a member's friend design the site. That person knows some HTML and CSS and can throw together something that won't look horrible. It saves on expenses, but is it good enough? Whether your goal is to bring in more members, to promote events, or to raise money,…   Read full post »

3 seconds is all you have before a visitor leaves your site because it's slow. If your site fails to load quickly on mobile devices, 53% of people will leave. Nowadays, it's hard to find anyone without a smartphone or tablet glued to their hand. People use their phone to research the hottest shops, the best restaurants, pretty much anything. If…   Read full post »

10 Things to Look for in a Good Business Website

Posted by kidd on April 26, 2019

So you've set up a business and now you want to set up a business website. That's great. After all, going online is important for each and every business in today's day and age. It gives you an air of legitimacy. And it also helps people to find you easily. It gives them all the information they need about your business and your product or service.…   Read full post »

Bring Your Vision to Life with Custom Website Design

Posted by kidd on April 23, 2019

Nowadays, it's very easy to create a website. With services like Wordpress, you just go look at a number of pre-made website templates, choose one, pick the photos you want to put on it, add the written content and voilà! Anyone can get this type of website; they don't even need the help of a professional to do it. This is the upside of using…   Read full post »

It may seem like answering a very niche question on your business blog is a waste of an article. Fewer people will find it or look for it. But the few who desperately need the answer to the question will stay on your site if you give them information no one else has. Here are three more reasons to start creating super specific blog articles. 1.…   Read full post »

Search engine algorithms are getting more and more complicated. It's to the point where even SEO experts aren't quite sure what various updates may be looking for when an algorithm update rolls out, and new advice has to be made based on new historical trends. It gets even fuzzier with Google's recent focus on "quality," especially if they aren't…   Read full post »

5 Types of Images to Have on Every Product Page

Posted by kidd on March 22, 2019

When you have an online product catalog, you need to use two central strategies for getting shoppers to make a purchase. First, use good content and SEO strategies to bring first-time visitors to the product page. Second, use good images to persuade those visitors to make a purchase. Content gets people there, but pictures are what shoppers use to…   Read full post »

Security is Important

Posted by Paul on March 18, 2019

Security is our top priority, and we work hard to make sure our clients' data is well protected. Recently we completed a major project to rationalise and upgrade our web server infrastructure.However, major data breaches and hacks appear to be on the increase in recent times, and we thought it was timely to issue a reminder about the simple things…   Read full post »

3 Ways to Keep Your School Website Interesting

Posted by kidd on March 15, 2019

We live in a digital world and no aspect of life has been left untouched, including education. Many families move into new areas and seek out the website for the school their children will be attending, and many current families keep up with sports and other activities through the school's website and social media presence. So, your school website…   Read full post »

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Web Design Company

Posted by kidd on March 11, 2019

Choosing a website design and development company can feel a bit like the Wild West. It's not like choosing a trades person where you can check to see if they're a Licensed Building Practitioner, or a Licensed Plumber. Anyone with a computer and internet access can claim to be a website developer, and when you ask for quotes, the costs can vary…See also our blog Looking for a Reputable WordPress Developer and WordPress Hosting Company?     Read full post »


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