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So what is the DW Blog?  Well we like to think of it as the Don't Worry Blog. With around 100 articles covering website design, search engine optimisation (SEO), digital marketingsocial media and more, we've created a wealth of free information to help answer your burning questions. You can also click on any of the links under 'Search by Topic' to see all the articles in each category.

Search engines are always trying to update their algorithms to give viewers faster, more accurate access to what they're looking for. Google is usually leading the crowd in this focus with a history of changes that cut down on keyword-stuffing, prioritized helpfulness, and gave local businesses a suite of useful tools. One of their newest ongoing…   Read full post »

It's well-known that backlinks play an important role in search engine optimisation. After you optimise all of your on-page elements, you can differentiate your campaign by getting links from quality sites. IP diversity  The thing about backlinks is that they can vary immensely in terms of their impact on your site ranking. They can have a net…   Read full post »

If you've been interested in driving more traffic to your website, then you probably already know the basics of search engine optimization or SEO. A lot has been written about using the right keywords but using them to a judicious degree. Plus, there's the idea of introducing keyword variety and updating your online presence regularly with fresh…   Read full post »

How to Perform an SEO Competitor Analysis

Posted by kidd on September 28, 2018

Business owners and marketers know that they need every advantage they can get to stay ahead of the competition.  If your competitors' websites are ranking ahead of yours in the search engines, one way to gain an advantage is to perform an SEO analysis of their sites. Why is this important?  Because it lets you see what your competitors are doing…   Read full post »

How to Make your Social Media Posts Stronger

Posted by kidd on September 21, 2018

Creating great social media posts is a great way for businesses of all sizes to become stronger. But, how does a business go about this process? What are the steps you should take to make better and stronger social media posts? If you have been wondering about the answers to these questions, we have developed a simple guide for you to follow. Step…   Read full post »

The Critical Necessity of Mobile Websites

Posted by kidd on September 14, 2018

Regardless of your current website status or target market, you need a mobile website. In 2018, it is unquestionably a necessity. Find out exactly why you need a mobile website and how it can help you succeed! What is a Mobile Website? A mobile website is a website that has been designed and modified specifically for mobile users. Other terms…   Read full post »

People have to have a reason to click on your posts and go to your site.  You know this, of course. You know how fleeting online attention is and how valuable a good hook can be in making traffic come your way. But good content isn't enough of a reason. Whether you have a clever, entertaining, or persuasive post, users aren't going to make the…   Read full post »

The goal of any website is the same—to get as many viewers as possible and then convert them into customers. In digital marketing jargon, this is referred to as conversion rate optimization. When it comes to non-profit organizations, however, the aims are a little different. The aim of the organization is not to make a profit. You're not selling…   Read full post »

How to Know Your Visitors' Conversion Probability

Posted by kidd on August 24, 2018

"Always be closing" had its moment in sales and movie fame. Now the advice has gone through multiple variations and slight changes. Inbound marketing experts might change it to "Always be helping," for example. Marketing gurus who break down the marketing and sales processes into journeys, stages and flowcharts might change it to "Always be…   Read full post »

Google Analytics lets you measure a lot. As soon as you set up your account and you have data flowing into your dashboard, it can almost feel like you can measure too much at once. Information overload sets in quickly, so you have to have a plan about what you're going to use your data for. In fact, setting up how you want to measure the data…   Read full post »


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