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So what is the DW Blog?  Well we like to think of it as the Don't Worry Blog. With around 100 articles covering website design, search engine optimisation (SEO), digital marketingsocial media and more, we've created a wealth of free information to help answer your burning questions. You can also click on any of the links under 'Search by Topic' to see all the articles in each category.

The main issue with many company websites is that they haven't been upgraded to be mobile friendly, which will be affecting their ranking in searches on mobile devices. Mobile friendly websites, more correctly known as 'responsive' websites adapt to whatever screen they appear on, whether it's a desktop computer monitor, tablet or smartphone…   Read full post »

Not for profit organisations such as charities, clubs and associations often begin as the passion projects of deeply committed individuals in service of a particular need or activity, with everyone learning as they go. But as a 'not for profit' grows, you have to widen your circle and rally the horses. The website for your non profit is an…   Read full post »

Why a Custom Web Design is Right for You

Posted by nayana on September 29, 2016

Whatever it is you are passionate about, show the world that you are unique with a custom web design. Many website services try to fit your unique community, passions, services, and products into a template that resembles dozens of other sites. A customised website design allows your brand to carry through to your website. No matter what you do,…   Read full post »

Things to Avoid on your Company Website

Posted by nayana on September 23, 2016

Building a website for your company is one of the best ways to get your name out there and draw in more business. However, it's easy to make mistakes if you're new to web design and web development, but if you bear these tips in mind, you won't go far wrong with your company website. Ask for a responsive website design As the use of mobile…   Read full post »

How to make the most of an hour of social media

Posted by Paul on September 13, 2016

Using social media platforms effectively are a key component in search engine optimisation, but can be hard to maintain when you're time poor. But if you commit to setting aside an hour every day for social engagement, social media can play a productive role in your organisation. The following are some of the things you could do: Reply to…   Read full post »

Internet retail shopping is experiencing serious growth globally, with people increasingly turning to ecommerce websites for their shopping needs. Is your online shopping website poised to take advantage of this ongoing trend? Along with working to attract customers, it's important to improve customer retention, increasing the chances that people…   Read full post »

Things You Need on Your Accountant Website

Posted by nayana on May 20, 2016

Having a website is an important asset for most businesses in today's setting. However, for accountants, it's critical. Not only can your website help you build trust with propsective clients, but you can also show your particular areas of expertise and knowledge. Here are a few things you should include on your accountant website to make sure you…   Read full post »

With the massive growth and use of mobile devices, websites must be clear, engaging, and attractive on all computing devices, regardless of screen size. Responsive websites will work well on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Business 2 Community recently published an article discussing how mobile websites can give you a…   Read full post »

How to use Google Analytics to Improve your SEO

Posted by nayana on May 6, 2016

In principle, search engine optimisation is a fairly simple concept but as search engines like Google advance their algorithms and challenge businesses to produce better content, measuring the results of your labours is becoming more complex. Google Analytics is one tool that is often overlooked when it comes to SEO because Analytics is most…   Read full post »

Why You Should Conduct a Social Media Marketing Audit

Posted by nayana on April 29, 2016

Like with one of your own paintings or written works, it's hard to remove yourself from your social media marketing campaign. You've spent so much time creating content, sharing links, and interacting with followers, that it's hard to imagine seeing your account from a fresh perspective.  This can be detrimental to your marketing campaign and…   Read full post »


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