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So what is the DW Blog?  Well we like to think of it as the Don't Worry Blog. With around 100 articles covering website design, search engine optimisation (SEO), digital marketingsocial media and more, we've created a wealth of free information to help answer your burning questions. You can also click on any of the links under 'Search by Topic' to see all the articles in each category.

Narrow Your Focus with Local SEO

Posted by kidd on June 1, 2018

Search engine optimization has a few hard choices. If you have a small brand name in a highly competitive field, taking back search results from national brands will be expensive. If you have a wide range of services, you might not be able to effectively devote your marketing budget to each general keyword. If you have a local business, you have to…   Read full post »

When you're setting up an online shopping website, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what your customer is looking for. Put yourself in the customer's place. Consider the customer journey. When you go to buy something online, what are you looking for? Here are a few possibilities: A well-organized website. This shows you all the…   Read full post »

So you decided that you wanted to open an e-commerce store. You already have a vision of how you want your store to look. You have done your research, identified your niche and now you are ready to create a website where you can sell your products. But there is one problem; you need to have it built. Building an e-commerce website requires a…   Read full post »

Every site needs great features and crystal-clear organization in order for your customers to stick around. But you need the right website for you, not just for your customers. If you're optimizing your business site so you can provide the best content and services for your target market, you need these three behind-the-scenes elements: 1. Can you…   Read full post »

How to Use Creative Design

Posted by kidd on May 4, 2018

If you run your own business, you know that marketing is important.  Without marketing, your business cannot attract customers.  Without customers, you do not make any money.  Without money, your business dies.  In other words, your business will die without marketing.  Therefore, you need to know how to market your business.   The best way to…   Read full post »

Do You Have A Well-Designed School Website?

Posted by kidd on April 27, 2018

Do you want your school to stand out from the other websites on the internet? If you want people to look at your school as being a great school, we suggest that you have an appealing website that looks smart and professional. Parents, students, teachers, etc. should be able to easily navigate through your school's entire website. If you want the…   Read full post »

In the past business owners and managers were limited in their options for developing a website and engaging in the online commerce marketplace. The process was simple, a web development company gave you limited options for developing a brochure website or shopping experience, and you were at their mercy when making design decisions. Fret not,…   Read full post »

Does Your School's Website Reach Your Audience?

Posted by kidd on April 13, 2018

School websites are meant for a lot of different people. Not only do they organize information for parents, they act as the interface for flipped classrooms and give students the tools they need to turn in work and complete assignments. But school websites are also marketing tools the city uses to draw in prospective homeowners and citizens. Make…   Read full post »

How Roundup Posts Can Boost SEO and Drive Traffic

Posted by Mara on April 6, 2018

Many companies shy away from content curation, believing it drives traffic away from their website. However, when done correctly, it can drastically improve your authority, increases engagement, and give a boost to your SEO. Moreover, they can help you build relationships and earn reciprocal recognition from influencers and industry thought…   Read full post »

Online shopping has certain advantages, especially when it comes to items that people might not want anyone to know they're buying. If you're feeling a little embarrassed to go to a Victoria's Secret store and try on sexy lingerie, you can just order it online! This applies to a number of products available on the market. But online shopping isn't…   Read full post »


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