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Bring Your Vision to Life with Custom Website Design

April 23, 2019 by kidd

Nowadays, it's very easy to create a website. With services like Wordpress, you just go look at a number of pre-made website templates, choose one, pick the photos you want to put on it, add the written content and voilà! Anyone can get this type of website; they don't even need the help of a professional to do it.

This is the upside of using website templates but, as you may have gathered, there is also a downside. So if you have a very defined vision of what you want your website to look like, custom website design might be the way to go.

The Downside of Using Templates

The downside of using website templates is that your website is pretty much going to look like everyone else's website. It's not going to stand out in any way. Your creativity is going to be limited to the photos and content you use. And even then, you don't always have control over how the photos and content are going to be displayed.

So if you feel like the photo is showing up smaller than you like, you'll have to change the entire website template to make it look bigger. If you want the content to be displayed to the left of the photo rather than the right, you're going to have to do the same thing again. All these little things become a lot more complex than they should be when you go with a website template.

The Upside of Custom Website Design

On the other hand, if you get custom website design, you can start with your vision of your website. How do you see it in your head? What colors do you imagine using? Where will you place your company name and logo? What font will you use? Do you want tabs? Or would you like your customer to scroll down and see all the necessary information? All these preferences can be considered when you get custom website design.

What you need to do is sit down with your website designer, tell him/her about your preferences, get their input and then watch while your vision comes to life. And if, for some reason, it's not exactly the way you want it, you can also ask for changes until you feel like it's to your satisfaction.

So if you're not ok with settling for pre-made design templates and you want your website to have its own unique flair, customized website design is the way to go. Contact us for more information.


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