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Check Your Charity Site for Frustration Points

Jul 27, 2018 by kidd

Seeing what visitors do on your site can help highlight what's working. If you see a lot of traffic, inbound visitors from new social media campaigns, and people clicking on your 'how to help' pages, then you know what to keep doing. But sometimes seeing what doesn't work is even more useful. Knowing when visitors tend to leave and what content they don't interact with tells you where to look for problems. Check these three common problems to boost participation with your organization:

Are people clicking away from your action page?

Every non-profit organization has a page or several about ways that people can help with a specific issue. This isn't the only section you want people to interact with, but it's almost certainly a priority. All of your content is driving interest, but this is one of the prime locations for driving conversions. But if people are clicking on the page and then clicking away, something went wrong.

Make sure your links work.

People may want to help, but interest on the Internet is fleeting. Reduce interruptions or obstacles to meaningful participation. Every internal and external link needs to both work and load quickly across multiple devices. 

Make sure donation pages look trustworthy.

Asking for donations online is one of the best ways to reach multiple target markets and money is often more useful than volunteer hours or bulky goods donations. Protecting those donations with a solid checkout system is hard. But it's even harder to make prospective donors trust unfamiliar third-party check-out site. Comb through your donation process and look for anything that might make donors think twice. 

Don't make people log in unless you have to.

Even a login page is too much of an obstacle for online altruism. People might be willing or help or are temporarily interested in helping you solve a serious problem, but login requirements are one of the biggest factors for making participation drop off, no matter what industry. If people have to log in, make sure you offer easy alternatives through social media accounts. You can even turn it into a selling point by having donations or actions automatically pop into their feed.

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