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Does Your Website Have the Right Shopping Cart?

October 26, 2018 by kidd

Websites need to be a well-designed funnel to your checkout page. Whether you sell products, services, or both, every page should ultimately drive more consumers toward making purchases. But once your carefully nurtured lead makes it to your shopping cart, make sure you don't leave them floundering. The wrong cart can impede sales even when consumers are a single click away from making a purchase. Hiring a custom web designer stops that from happening. 

How complex should your cart be?

Different e-commerce platforms are built for different types of customers. If you sell a limited line of products and services, Concrete5's e-commerce module is simple to use and can streamline your whole process.

If you sell lots of different products and carry constantly changing options, you need a complex cart system that can keep up. WooCommerce and Magento offer different degrees of scalability, customization, and tools so your customers' have the right shopping experience.

But many CMSs give you limited options. It can also be challenging to know what degree of complexity is the right fit for your business. Talk to a professional who can gauge your business and put the best tools in place.

Don't be dependent on the wrong cart.

Once you spend hours configuring your website, there's nothing more frustrating than finding a better tool than the one you finally got working. But using the wrong cart system can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Custom web designers handle all of the implementation and configuration for you in the first place so you don't have to do it. Even better, your designer will modify the shopping cart system if you need a better one or your business plan changes over time. You don't have to weigh the cost of manually changing things yourself or getting too dependent on a tool that's a bad fit.

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