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Don't Design Your Own Club Website

May 10, 2019 by kidd

Clubs and small nonprofits operate on limited budgets. It's tempting to have a member or a member's friend design the site. That person knows some HTML and CSS and can throw together something that won't look horrible. It saves on expenses, but is it good enough?

Whether your goal is to bring in more members, to promote events, or to raise money, the appearance of your site matters. If it looks like the work of a well-meaning amateur, it won't have the strongest effect. People will glance at it and move on. A high-quality club site will get them to stay around.

Little things matter

It's not necessarily any big thing that jumps out. The color scheme may be a little distasteful. Some people may find the menus hard to use. It may look great on a desktop screen but not on a phone. Each of these little things suggests that your organisation doesn't quite have its act together. You know you're saving your resources for more important things, but that's not the impression people get when all they see is what you have on the Web.

Make a good first impression

Your website is the first thing many people see when looking for information about your group. If they see a site that looks well-designed, that gives them more confidence. It's easy to read, well-organized, and enjoyable to use. To use a term from industry jargon, it gives them a good UX (user experience). You'll get more responses than you would with a site that's less well made.

Being found

Before people can look at your site, they have to find it. Getting a site to show up in search results is an art. The techniques change to keep up with search engines' changing policies. Top-quality search engine optimisation (SEO) lets more people find your site, and they'll see a summary making it clear why they should read it.

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