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Drive Your Powerful Visitors to Useful Pages for Faster Growth

Sep 7, 2018 by kidd

People have to have a reason to click on your posts and go to your site. 

You know this, of course. You know how fleeting online attention is and how valuable a good hook can be in making traffic come your way. But good content isn't enough of a reason. Whether you have a clever, entertaining, or persuasive post, users aren't going to make the connection that there might be more content like that on your website. They're in the mode of browsing through social media, and you have to give them a good reason to switch tasks. 

The best way to do that is with explicit calls to action. Don't put an ellipsis in the middle of your good content and think that viewers are going to follow the link to your site. You need to give them a complete, if small experience, and then directly tell them what to do next.

Whatever you tell them to do, whether it's buying a product, read a long-form article that the initial content came from, or subscribe to your mailing list, it just needs to be one click away. For every campaign you start, there needs to be a landing page that matches. Here's why you can't just drive people to your homepage:

1. People don't have time for navigation.

If you send people to your homepage, they have to find their own way to the CTA's substance. Not only does that increase the number of clicks from start to finish (which always drops the conversion percentage), you have increased the 'price' of action.

2. You need to measure your pages' effectiveness.

Google Analytics lets you trace where traffic came from. You can track the number (and percentage) of users that came from a certain external site. But if you don't have a specific landing page, you can't measure how many users from that one external site came with a specific page or action in mind. Assigning each ad or post with a specific landing page not only gives you better results. It lets you know how much better the results are.

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