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How Maps Content Generates New Leads for Your Real Estate Website

December 14, 2018 by kidd

The real estate agents of 2018 are a different breed than those of the previous, pre-smartphone generation. What was once a profession one part newspaper and billboard advertising, one part face-to-face relationship building, and one part showing properties, has evolved into a profession where social media and general internet savvy go a long way.

Today, you're building a brand as much as anything. And a great way to show to prospective clients that you're serious about what you do, is to implement an up-to-date property locator showing all of the locations that you currently represent, accessible at a click on your website.

Applying Store Locator Principles to Real Estate

You're likely familiar with the now common store location app: a widget on a regional business website that lists all locations, and allows users to easily track where they are and get turn-by-turn directions without ever leaving to an external site.

It's a proven method of increasing business for restaurants, multi-location businesses, and many more applications. And it's just as much of a boon for real estate agents looking to make sure that a lead sticks to your personal service rather than wandering off to another page!

Fresh APIs, Low Bar of Entry

There are various map APIs out there. Think of them as the "hooks" that provide the database of information, graphics, and user interface for each locator app.

These raw APIs are meant for experienced programmers to use, but the barrier to entry isn't high! With our thoroughly established tools combined with a wealth of experience, we're proud to offer affordable, custom website design that includes integrating maps support into your web presence.

The utility of including a property locator is the kind of user-first feature that search engines are known to prioritize, and once those new visits land on your page they're more like to stay with you as they use your tool to look through properties rather than a more general option.

Want to learn more about implementing a property locator as part of a complete, modernized overhaul of your real estate website? Contact the experts at Designer Websites today.

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