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How to Use Google Webmaster Data to Improve Your Conversions

May 24, 2019 by kidd

While most people are aware of how Google Analytics can help you discover important data about your site and your visitors, not many people know that the Google Search Console contains a whole load of important information as well. Here's how you can use Google Webmaster Tools to improve your site.

Check Performance

Under the Performance option in the menu, you can see your total clicks, total impressions, average position in the SERPs, and the average CTR across all pages. You will also see a graph illustrating this data over time.

Scroll further down and you will see how this data gets broken down for specific pages.

Under Queries, you can see a list of the top keywords that are driving traffic to your site. You'll get the exact keyword, the monthly search volume, the CPC, and the number of clicks it brought to your site. You can filter the results based on any of those metrics.

Under Pages, you'll see which pages on your site get the most visits from Google users. You'll see each page's number of clicks and number of impressions.

Under Countries, you'll see how many clicks and impressions your pages are getting from each country.

Under Device, you'll see the clicks and impressions for each kind of device.

For each of these metrics, you can sort for results from any specific time frame. You can also compare two time frames to see how they fare against each other.

Check Coverage

Under Coverage, you can see any pages that have an error. Scroll further down and you'll see the exact error on each page. Some pages may be marked as valid but also have a warning. Make sure to fix these issues.

What Can You Do With This Data?

Once you know which pages are getting a lot of impressions and a low CTR, you can work on optimizing the title and meta description. You will also get an idea of what kind of content is the most popular and which types of keywords work well.

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