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Keep Your Accountant Website Clean, Simple and Informative

Aug 10, 2018 by kidd

As an accountant, you want to present an aura of respectability and trustworthiness. You want to encourage people to trust you with their finances. And they're not going to do that unless they feel like they can rely on you to be honest with them.

Finances are always a delicate matter. No one wants anyone else to learn about their financial situation, whether good or bad. Neither do they want to risk going with someone who doesn't have a spotless reputation for honesty.

So how do you portray all this when you're setting up a website? Here are a few tips:

Don't Make it Too Busy

When people go to an accountant's website, they're looking for something which is organized but easy to navigate. You don't want to have too many things going on in your website. It doesn't need to be terribly colorful or have too many images. And too many flashing signs or pop ups would only serve to turn people off.

There are definitely businesses where a lot of colors and images might be needed. For example, this is true if you run a fashion-related business. However, it's not appropriate for anyone dealing with finances.

Make it Informative

You need to make sure that all the information that people need to get is easily available to them through your website. You must have some idea of the kinds of things people ask when they come to you for your services. So make sure that you cover all those topics on your website.

Basically, you need to tell them what services you offer and how much you charge. How much experience do you have? Why should they come to you instead of going to someone else? How are the services you offer better than the services of your competitors?

Don't Use Jargon; Make it Simple

Break things down simply for your customer. Make sure you don't use any jargon because they're not going to understand it. At the same time, you can't talk down to your customer either. So try to keep your language conversational and easy to understand.

Pretend that you're talking to your best friend—an intelligent person who grasps things quickly but doesn't have an accounting background. This is the best way to convince your customer that you take them seriously and that you're going to give them your 100%.

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