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Myths About Search Engine Optimization

September 1, 2017 by kidd

Many people don't succeed at SEO because they're stuck by some common misconceptions that abound about it. Here are some common SEO myths, and what you should do instead. SEO descriptions

Myth #1: You Need Lots of New Content

Many people think that for Google to love your site, you need to keep publishing new content day after day, or at least a few times a week. This isn't necessarily true. Publishing higher-quality, longer-form content on a less frequent basis usually leads to higher rankings than shorter content on a more frequent basis. You'd rather have one post on the first page of Google than five posts on the fourth page. 

Myth #2: Just Post Good Content

So now we know that you need good content. However, that's not enough. Even good content faces competition -- there likely are many other websites that are posting great content too. You need to look at what is already there and create something much longer and that goes into more detail and has more information. This is the only way to outrank your competition -- you need to be the best, not just good. 

Myth #3: Just Post the Best Content

So now we know that you need the best content. But that's still not enough! You need to promote that content and get some high-quality backlinks to it. Since the content is of a really high-quality, it won't be as hard as you think. If it's worth sharing, then other website owners and bloggers will share it in a jiffy -- just reach out to them and ask. 

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