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Is The Phone Ringing?

Apr 30, 2021 by Paul

Call Extension Blog.pngAdding a call extension to your Google Ads allows you to include your phone number in your ad. Customers can then click on your phone number to give you a call or send a text. Including a call extension doesn't increase the cost of your ads, but it can significantly increase the number of clicks your ads receive. Call extensions can be particularly useful for 'trades' where customers often prefer to call rather than completing a form on your website.

The big question though is 'how many calls have I had?'. This isn't immediately obvious from looking in your Google Ads account, because in New Zealand clicks on your call extensions don't show in your conversions report. Other parts of the world are able to use Google forwarding numbers to track calls to your business, but unfortunately this isn't available to us in New Zealand.

However, by adding a 'segment' to your Google Ads dashboard and selecting 'Click type', it is possible to see how many times your number was clicked on by looking at the 'Mobile clicks-to-call' row. This this will give you an accurate indication of how many calls you received from your Google Ads.