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Power your website with a dynamic blog

October 13, 2017 by kidd

Investment News recently came out with an article that mentions how important it is for financial advisors to run a blog. A similar principle holds true for all websites especially for business websites. If you have a website or looking for building a new website, consider some of the following blog benefits:

  • Increased traffic to your website, as your blog provides rich, regularly updated content that gets picked up by search engines and shared on social media.
  • A platform to demonstrate your authority and expertise.
  • A reliable way to engage with customers, as you can respond to questions and reply to comments left on blog posts.

Setting up a blog in and of itself isn't going to give you these benefits unless you invest some time in maintaining it and filling it with the right content.

When coming up with ideas for content, consider the following points:

  • Skimmability. Even if you're writing a longer, in-depth post, many of your website visitors won't have the chance to read every single word. You'll have to present your content in a way that helps them get the gist of it just by skimming. For example, use headers, bullet points, and summation paragraphs that are in bold font or italics.
  • Customer needs and preferences. What's the kind of content your customers want to see? Whether your customers are businesses or individuals, what are the pressing money-related questions in their life? Maybe they want to find out more about how to save money, keep better track of their financial information, cut down on debt, legally reduce their tax burden, or invest wisely.
  • Thinking beyond text. Along with blog posts written as articles, there are other kinds of content people find engaging and impressive. For example, come up with an infographic explaining a concept. Launch a podcast where you discuss current events as they relate to things people concern about. Share an informative YouTube video.

For further advice and assistance, please contact us. A dynamic and engaging blog can lead to a significant spike in Internet traffic and sales.

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