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SEO – Advantages of Guest Posting

November 9, 2012 by Paul

For building a website’s Search Engine Optimisation presence, guest posting deserves to be near the top in terms of overall strategy.  Not only does it help with SEO relevance, but across the board for Internet marketing.

SEO and guest posting relates by way of link building.  If you are trying to rank highly for a certain keyword, linking that keyword to your site with a guest post is a strong strategy.  Search engines will value authoritative links on other sites, and – once you start racking up these links – the search engines will increase your site’s visibility.

One of the best things about guest posting is that it doesn’t end there.  Posting on another site opens up your site’s visibility to another audience, and guest posting can have viral (i.e. social media) value and can help establish you as an expert in your field.  Establishing a relationship with a blog owner can pay dividends as well, such as with future opportunities and a mutual guest posting setup that benefits your site.

According to John Rampton, guest posting can counteract your efforts if done in the wrong way.  He advises focusing on writing quality articles, as “spun” and short articles can undermine what you’re trying to accomplish.

Guest posting is yet another important vehicle for improving your site’s SEO presence.  Take advantage of it, but proceed with caution, as some ways of shortcutting this practice can potentially hurt you.  If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us to better understand SEO and related topics.

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