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Tailoring Your Not-for-Profit Website to Clients and Sponsors

Aug 31, 2018 by kidd

The goal of any website is the same—to get as many viewers as possible and then convert them into customers. In digital marketing jargon, this is referred to as conversion rate optimization.

When it comes to non-profit organizations, however, the aims are a little different. The aim of the organization is not to make a profit. You're not selling any products or services. However, you are still providing products and services in order to make someone's life better.

So the aim of a not-for-profit website is twofold—to help people who need the help of the organization and to get more funding from donors and charity organizations. When you set up a not-for-profit website, you need to keep these two aims in mind.

Tailoring Your Website to Potential Clients

Let's assume that you're a non-profit organization working with victims of domestic violence. So if someone who is suffering from domestic violence comes to your website, they should find it reassuring enough that they'll pick up the phone to call you and eventually accept your help, whether it comes in the form of going to a shelter, finding a job or getting help moving to live with friends and relatives.

This is a difficult task and you may not think it's possible to do it just with a website. However, a website is the first place that the potential client is going to see. So it should at least push them towards taking the second step towards getting help.

Using Reassuring and Welcoming Images and Content

In order to tailor your website to accomplish this task, it's necessary to have reassuring images—images of women and children who look happy and secure in whatever everyday tasks they might be doing. You need your potential client to think that they could be one of those women.

Additionally, the writing on your website needs to be reassuring and welcoming. Let your potential clients know that you understand the difficulty of the task but that it is nevertheless possible.

Tailoring Your Website to Donors and Charitable Organizations

The other task of your website is to get people to contribute or donate to your cause. You can do this by letting them know the inner workings of your organization and how many people you have helped until now.

This isn't the time to be modest. You need to list all your achievements so that people will be impressed enough to write that check.

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