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Why Not-for-Profits are Taking Advantage of Blogging

April 22, 2016 by nayana

Content marketing is one of the easiest ways to advertise a business while informing a potential customer about a subject. This is primarily done through blogging, which allows the business to post information on several topics and encourage customers to visit their website often. Not for profit organisations are quickly learning from this successful business practice and finding innovative ways to draw attention to important causes.

Blogging Gets TrafficWhy Not-for-Profits are Taking Advantage of Blogging

The biggest reason why not for profit websites often write their own blogs is because of the effect they have on search engine rankings. Search engines algorithms favour fresh, informative content. While a not for profit agency could update their home page and landing pages regularly with lengthy content, this isn't very practical. Landing pages should be brief and visually appealing. By writing blog posts, you are improving your search engine visibility and gaining traffic without sacrificing your website's design.

Add Value to Your Social Media Accounts

What do the most successful not for profit social media profiles have in common? They all offer an array of informative content that encourages people to follow, share and discuss their organisation or cause.

Having your own blog allows you to write about issues that affect your cause. By expressing yourself in a unique way, you are setting yourself apart from the competition and giving people a reason to interact with you.

Simple Setups

Building a blog is much easier than you think. All our content management systems have a blog functions which are easy to use and can be updated within minutes. If you want to write a new blog post for your organisation, you can have it live and share it on social media with a few clicks. This makes blogging a practical addition to any not for profit marketing campaign.

To learn more about how blogging can help your not for profit organisation, please contact us today.

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