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As a Google Partner, Designer Websites are experts in providing Google Ads management services.

Making Your Google Ads Work Harder

Do you want to find new customers, get more sales leads, or sell more products? Do you want to raise your brand awareness or re-launch your business? Whatever your objectives, we'll work with you to develop an effective Google Ads campaign to suit your budget. 

As we're a Google Partner, you know you'll be dealing with a reputable digital marketing agency that's been been trained and certified by Google. We're so confident in our expertise, that we have no contracts.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • We work closely with you to understand your business objectives
  • We spend your money as if it was our own and strive to get you the best results at the lowest cost
  • We provide concise monthly reports which show the return on your investment
  • Full access to your Google accounts
  • No contracts

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Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads are most often seen as text adverts with the little 'Ad' icon appearing at the top and bottom of the search page. 

These Google 'Search' Ads are paid advertising - also known as 'pay-per-click' because you only pay Google when someone clicks on your advert. 

Google Ads gives you the opportunity to have your adverts placed above the 'organic' search results - ie, above your competitors.

Our Google Search Ads Service

Initially we undertake the keyword research, write the ads and set up the campaigns. Although this is time consuming, it's really just the start of it. Google Search Ads are essentially run as an auction and the more popular the keyword, the more you'll pay per click. Our job is to manage your campaigns to make sure we're using the right bidding strategy and keywords to get the best outcome for your budget.

We set up conversion tracking to measure your return on investment and provide an easy to understand monthly report on the success of your campaigns with any recommendations. We'll also expand your ads with extra teasers that give additional info or links to people and provide more reasons to choose your business.

How much does Google Ads management cost?

Our standard prices* for managing Google Search Ads are below:

Our Google Ads Lite Service

Our Google Ads Lite Service has been designed for organisations who want to trial Google Ads, or for whom a small campaign suits their needs. It includes:

  • Up to four ads, which we'd write. 
  • Bidding on up to 10 keywords (search phrases)
  • Targeting all of New Zealand, or specific regions

There would be a one-off setup fee of $250 plus GST (to write the ads and setup the campaign) and then a monthly management fee of $199 plus GST.

Each month we'll send you a report on the success of the campaign against your business objectives.

Why are Google Search Ads so Effective?

The reason why Google Ads can be so effective is that it gives you the opportunity to have your adverts placed above the 'organic' search results. You can also be very targeted about when your ads appear, because your ads are tied to specific search phrases and only appear when those keywords are used in a person's search. This means that you can attract people who are looking specifically for your products or services.

With Google Ads, you can use 'negative keywords' to specify when you don't want your ads don't appear. Let's say for example that you sell dentist drills. You can use negative keywords to ensure your ads don't appear to people searching for power drills, pneumatic drills, fire drills, etc. 

You can also set your ads up so that they only appear to people in a specific location. So if you're a hairdressing salon in Invercargill, you can make sure your ads don't appear for people outside of Invercargill.

Finally, if you link your Google Ads to your Google Analytics account, you can set goals to measure which of your adverts are the most successful in converting to an enquiry or a sale, which means you can measure the precise return on your Google Ads investment.

Google Display & Video Ads

Google Search Ads are just the beginning. We can use Google Display and Video Ads to show image and video based ads on a variety of websites, such as NZ Herald, TradeMe, Stuff, YouTube and interest specific websites, to help you reach more potential customers. We can also show ads to people who have already visited your website to encourage them to reconnect with you as they browse the internet. This is called 'remarketing'.

These ads can be shown to as broad or narrow an audience as you like. We can even define a 'custom' audience to show ads to potential customers who meet a defined profile and whose search history shows they are ready to make a purchase

Why Use Designer Websites?

Designer Websites is a Google Partner, which means we have met strict requirements for the performance of our Google Ads campaigns and we've been trained and certified by Google. You can click on our Partners badge below for more information.

All our Google Ads clients also have free access to our Digital Marketing for Beginners videos to help you further optimise your online presence. These instructional videos have been created in-house for the benefit of our digital marketing clients.

Can I do it Myself?

Yes, but probably the more pertinent question is, 'Should you do it yourself".

Taking advantage of our Google Ads management service will save you money and deliver much better results than if you were to manage your campaigns yourself.

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  • Prices are exclusive of GST and are subject to change.
  • More complex campaigns may attract a higher monthly management fee.
  • Although the Lite, Standard and Advanced services can be stopped at any time, the management fee for the full month will remain payable.
  • An initial account setup fee may be applied and this will be discussed with you at the time to avoid any unpleasant surprises.