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Why Google Analytics is a Great Tool to Track Website Performance

Making well informed decisions requires accurate data and running a Google AdWords or other 'pay per click' campaign is no different, yet many small businesses make their website… https://designerwebsites.co.nz/blog/why-google-analytics-great-tool-track-website-performance/

Landing Page Optimization Tips

Designer Websites, Auckland. For all your web design, SEO services and social media needs. A landing page is the first point of contact between a visitor and your website. During… https://designerwebsites.co.nz/blog/landing-page-optimization-tips/

Using Google AdWords Effectively

If you own a business or run a blog that you want to get noticed, it is essential to incorporate the use of keywords. Google AdWords is a wonderful tool that will allow your… https://designerwebsites.co.nz/blog/using-google-adwords-effectively/

How Does Google AdWords Fit Into Your Business?

If your business relies on its online presence for growth – or even for the bulk of business – you’ve probably realized the importance of online marketing.  From Search Engine… https://designerwebsites.co.nz/blog/how-does-google-adwords-fit-your-business/