3D Letters

3D Letters approached us to develop a fully customised ecommerce website where customers can design and order three dimensional letters online. We accepted the challenge!

The website takes the customer through the steps to design their sign:

1. Choose the material type for the sign

Customers can choose between PVC, ACM, MDF and Acrylic lettering.

2. Enter the text, select your letter colour & font type

Once the customer has made their selections, the website automatically calculates the overall dimensions of the sign based on the font type, and the letter height and thickness.

3. Confirm the overall dimensions

Once the customer has decided on the overall dimensions for their sign, they can they select the installation method.

4. The really clever bit!

When the customer has finalised their sign, the website calculates the shipping cost based on a customised algorithm that takes account of the sign's weight and dimensions.


This was a fully customised website development project, built using the concrete5 content management system. 

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